The Lost Wanderer

Oh lost wanderer in the night
Unseen stray bullet from the fight
Majestic creatures dragged me on their way
Prophetic figures now are surrounding me

We’ve been here forever
We warned you however
A child who never listened
Your smile no longer glistens

Your echo blurs the endless space
Another tear upon your face
And now you’re haunted by your lies
Long ended stories in your eyes
All those remains will fade away
Over time

Now you forget beyond your reason your reasons
You feel the madness, the whole new dimension
The nonsense you see is feeding a purpose
A brand new world for you

Breathing new life

Mounts and dips
Shape the skin while blood inside
Show lakes made of tears
And drain the veins to the underground
Heart is racing
and brings the heat and the haze around


The witch, the wizard enlighten the sky
their graceful dance inspires the night
The eye is lurking in the distance
And silently hides in the shades down the canyons


Now the ghosts pointing at me bring back old memories
Like in a waking dream, the echo of a scream


The ancient god is calling, back in time
Its light is fading away as I’m breathing new life


Now I feel the red eye watching over me
No soul inside, everyday closer from antique dreams
Hopes and greed buried in the dance of the giant leaps


The ancient god keeps calling back in time
Its light is fading away as I’m breathing new life

Ghost of The Past

She crosses the night
Floats in my dreams
Captures the light
High up on the hills
The flames in her eyes
Unveil her skin
She lays on the sand
The charms of a queen
While waving her body

She takes me to the round
Into her arms I’ll stay
She goes without a sound
And carries me away

I feel her hand over my skin
I feel her moves deep in my veins
She controls me, she grabs my flesh and bones like I’m another prey
Under her spell, she moves me back and forth, her lips are screaming faster

Beyond the horizon the sun has gone
And passion in the night got lost
Rejected by a heart of stone,
I’m receding from another ghost

Ghost of the Past

Desperate and down

The silence settles in again
While the light dances on the walls
Memory spreads like a stain
Perfectly still the darkness calls
Echoing voices screaming pain
And faces never seen before
They’re living through me, still breathing through me


It’s so real, the taste of steel into my mouth
I stand still among the corpses on the ground


A floating smoke
Covering cloak
Burns my eyes
Tells no lies


The light coming through the blinds shows the bodies
A trembling hand searches and finds the trigger ready
outside the world is running, now fear has set out the deal
leaving nothing but primal screams
The old man closed his eyes, desperate and down
Loved ones by his side and with him always


A floating smoke
Covering cloak

Burns my eyes
Tells no lies


The southern wind cries out
Takes away the words
Sand and dust blast and scout
Blow away the world


Humankind remains still in the storm
Left behind, last being in the swarm


Among the quiet shapes now looking at the sun
Life is slipping away back to the ancient world
Settled here forever like silent storytellers
That I alone can see
I alone will see


I can feel your misery
as I’m watching you
I can heal that injury
Deep inside of you
I can tell your history
As I’m reading you
I can solve your mystery
By getting close to you

Let me find what’s hidden in the folds
In my mind the only thing that holds
I feel inside what you forbid me to see
Another side of what the truth could be

Enter the sanctuary
A place of unseen beauty
Devoted to your glory

Step inside

Leave it all behind
Let me free your mind

Enter the sanctuary
A place of unseen beauty
devoted to your glory
Yeah, you

Forever curled in my arms
forever slipping away

The deadman’s insight

A lonely light
insanely bright
Is diving in the darkening ocean
And bending with a tight distortion


A last breath and it’s sinking
Flickering in the fall
Shows me where I should have never been
Among the spirits dancing a round that will never end


If there’s a world behind the screen
I am its only witness, behold infinite sadness


Lured with the deadman’s insight